ELLT Pic and Epiph

As Maeve read off the names of the past winners, I realized for the first time that 3 of 4 are family…3 of 4 are married to The Commissioner’s cousin or sister. If Her brother Daniel ever did the triathlon, he might win first, second, and third overall, all in one year….



3 responses to “ELLT Pic and Epiph

  1. Nepotism is alive and well in ELLT.

  2. How many times does one have to write in the bedside guest journal to be considered family? WilI planting buckeyes all around your yard help the cause? Naming the second-born Maureen Patricia? Learn the Washington & Lee Swing? Wear a shirt next year for the Contrafraternity of St. James Spanish Club? Or is it as simple as bringing the Ratajczak ladies for a visit perhaps?

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