ELLT 2012: Soccer — red rover, red rover, send…

Soccer remains a prologue stage and we’re eliminating the penalty kicks in any scoring (although we will do them as a warm-up). But due to scheduling conflicts, we’ve got unbalanced teams lined up for Friday morning. Although we’ve used kids as subs in the past, I’m reluctant to do so again (since having the kids on the pitch led to the one injury we’ve ever had).

What we have right now are 8 roadies and 6 townies (Danno, Chris H, Jason, Eric M, Eric L, and me). We can balance the teams in a couple ways, and this is one rare instance where I am open to a vote:


  1. on Thursday night, draw a Roadie name from a hat and send that racer to the Townie team;
  2. last Roadie out the door on Friday morning plays for the Townies;
  3. Townies pick which Roadie will switch teams; or
  4. The Commissioner picks which Roadie switches teams.

The first option is luck, the second comes down to choices on Thursday night and sabotage on Friday morning, the third adds some strategery, and the fourth leaves it in the hands of the omnipotent overlord of this race.


2 responses to “ELLT 2012: Soccer — red rover, red rover, send…

  1. Frankly, since the Roadies made the effort to travel and the slacker 2 Townies couldn’t manage a 15 minute commute for soccer, I’d suggest that the Roadies decide amongst themselves who they send over to the home squad.

  2. #1! #1! Roadies are #1!

    I’d vote for #1 too.

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