ELLT 2012 Event Preview: Mountain Biking

Before we get to previewing this year’s mountain bike stage (which has been covered a bit by video and a quick assessment), a quick look back at how this stage has evolved over the last four years:

  • 2008 – a technical, granite-filled ride/hike in Exeter, New Hampshire;
  • 2009 – a relatively casual, although long, ride through Willowdale, which included the group breaking into pieces more than once and Gary Cavanaugh bellowing on the descents;
  • 2010 – a tougher, longer, crash-filled ride through Willowdale, with more shattering of the pelaton and a general sense afterwards that the stage needed revamping;
  • 2011 – Danno’s Death March through Willowdale, followed by a time trial (the “white arrow” trail in reverse and the slalom course to finish)

So we’ve seen this stage develop more than any other and this year we’re moving away from Willowdale to a more hilly, longer, slightly more technical area. As in previous years, we’ll be assembling a Star Wars fleet of bikes for the out-of-town riders, although we’ve got some better bikes this year, insha’allah. We will also be racing without Tom McParland,* who took 3rd place overall in 2010 in large part due his mountain biking skills. In the 2011 time trial, Tom finished 4th.

And maybe the best part of the stage (which will include a 7-8 mile ride and a short, steep time trial) will be lunch after at Red Hook Brewery.

* don’t worry, he’ll  be there Thursday night with The Knot


6 responses to “ELLT 2012 Event Preview: Mountain Biking

  1. what in god’s name is that green monster of a bike? dual-crown superfork on a hardtail fixed-gear single speed? this is a steampunk bike, has to be a custom job. no production bike has ever looked like this.

  2. by which I mean, “i want to ride that bike”

    • Danno had that bike custom-built for Eric Shimp, who has complained and whined every year that the mountain bikes are too small for his Shrek-like frame. Shimp gets the Hulk and Mike Graf gets L’Orange. All the other bikes are up for bribe, including Lapham’s Red Tomato and McParland’s Sweet Jane (although you may have to ask Tom if you can borrow his shoes)

  3. The Hulk maybe should be called the ShrekTrek.

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