ELLT 2012: Kids’ Predictions

Eric Shimp’s comment predicting pain reminded me that I asked the kids last year to predict the ELLT winners.

This year I started with Owen…last year he predicted the top three would be Eamonn, Mike Graf, and Steve Otto.


8 responses to “ELLT 2012: Kids’ Predictions

  1. Once again, I find my godson’s lack of faith…disturbing.

    • he says, ” he’s already won, so his chance of winning again is…not going to win.”

      that is not accurate, of course…Eric just has some higher-than-average expectations. There has been one change that will ripple through the GC contenders, making the possibility of a repeat champion more possible.

  2. What change is that?

  3. GC? I thought we left acronyms behind at the State Department door…

    • GC is a Tour de France term for the racers who are in contention for the overall win, not just the best mountain climber or sprinter. If you want, I can repost some previous long-winded ramblings about the beauty of the Tour…

  4. pas du tout, mon frere – il ne faut pas

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