ELLT 2012 Event Preview: Soccer (Prologue Stage)

Last year was the first Roadies v Townies Friday morning soccer match, something we’re going to do again, despite repeated requests to play flag football.

We’ll begin with penalty kicks, just to get warmed up (I know the Roadies will put JP in goal, but not sure who the Townies will). Last year, the Roadies fell behind early, but rally for a 7-4 win (or something like that)

And as it stands right now, here are the starting line-ups:

Roadies: (K) Ben, (LB) Shimp, (FB) Ball, (RB) Graf, (RW) Otto, (LW) Schukraft, (CD) Doyle, (S) JP

Townies: (K) McParland, (LB) Cavanaugh, (FB) Gustafson, (RB) Heffernan, (RW) Heffernan, (LW) Danno, (CD) Marshall, (S) Lapham

0730 start for penalty kicks, 0800 for the match


7 responses to “ELLT 2012 Event Preview: Soccer (Prologue Stage)

  1. I don’t even know what those abbreviations mean. Are we sure there’s no chance to convert this to flag football? Or touch rugby?

    Please remember that the only reason I claimed goal last year was because I was shaking with an awful hangover and thought I might have a chance to heal quietly in private way back there. Friggin’ Knot.

  2. Are those positions a mixture of soccer, football and hockey? No clue was a CD is…at least In a sports context anyway.

  3. Collateralized debt…

  4. I was thinking cross dresser…

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