ELLT Pic of the Day (#197)

last working day before vacation, so very few posts coming between now and July 2. Then we’re sprinting to the start of the race, with only a few weeks and a lot to prepare…


5 responses to “ELLT Pic of the Day (#197)

  1. So, what’s the Race Director’s fitness program this time around? Enlighten us…

    • For core strength, I have been standing along the left field fence at little league baseball games. For cardio, I have been walking Miss Spazmerelda every day. for upper body strength, I have been hauling grocery bags and chopping food in the kitchen for our non-stop stream of guests and parties. I’ve been on the road bike 6 times this spring and the mountain bike 0 times. I haven’t played a round of golf or a serious game of hoops. No climbing, no soccer. In other words, my fitness program comes down to one word: “July”

      • And you lecture us about lowering expectations. I did witness your core workout last night;looked pretty strenuous due to the score of the game.

      • And you scold us for lowering expectations…nice try.

        I did witness your “core” workout last night at Pearson field. Looked pretty strenuous.

  2. No pressure. At least you’ll spend next week walking around the Mouse all day…just remember, no beer sold in the Magic(ally dry) Kingdom, only at the other parks

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