ELLT 2012 Hoops Teams – Get Out the Way

As of now*, the 3-on-3 hoops teams for ELLT 2012…

First, a word on the selection process. I went for athletic balance and a natural grouping this year, however one team lacks a natural point guard and one lacks a Big Man. I’m on one of those teams and the other one is such an inevitable group that they can’t complain. Or they can and it won’t do any good. Bottom line: 4 of the 6 teams have a PG, a Big Man, and a Third Wheel.*** I’ll do scouting reports after the bitching and moaning is over.

Second, we’ve got a rookie joining this year, Tom Gustafson. Tom was Owen’s football coach and has mad skillz on the ski slopes. In other words, not a threat to dunk on Shimp or dribble around Chris Roy.

Third, these teams are pretty well balanced with talent…based on previous performances**…and designed to allow just about any team a chance to win

Cubed: Otto, Ball, Schukraft

NHL: Eric Marshall, Gary, Tom McParland

NH: Chris Roy, Chris Heffernan, Danno

Byfield Newbury Little League: Eric Lapham, Jason Madden, Tom Gustafson

Hoosiers: JP, Mike Graf, Chris Doyle

Diplomatic Corps****: Eric Shimp, Patrick, Ben Moeling

* revisions based on attendance, injuries, and lobbying are probably to be expected…

** if the Grey Ghost runs this year’s triathlon, we’ll shake this all up again….

*** one team’s “Third Wheel” is a legit PG/2-Guard, making that team an early favorite…as I edit this, considering how I may have to break that team up….damn….

**** yeah, its pathetic that Eric Shimp and I still cling to our Foreign Service days like some striped-pants badge of honor…but you’ll be happy we do when you crush us on the court


23 responses to “ELLT 2012 Hoops Teams – Get Out the Way

  1. When does the trade window open?

  2. I would have thought the “inevitable group” would have been the 3 Ohioans.

  3. Just want to acknowledge publicly that Eric and Patrick would have a much better shot (probably literally) if they had drawn Stephen Hawking rather than me.

  4. no kidding, I already have a bum wrist. now I have to use it to carry Moeling in hoops? who the hell is our point guard, anyway?

  5. Thanks for inviting me into the fold and for the kind words Patrick – pretty much spelled out my role as Third Wheel. I’ll try to live up to that billing best I can….Cuz

    • just wait until you get “handicapped”

    • I would like to petition the Race Director to add a ROY award, regardless of how many rookies actually attend every year. It might keep him from giving a “newbie bump” towards the podium for every new ELL Triathlete.

      • Two things: 1) when I first read that, I thought you meant an award named for/in honor of Chris Roy, which seems kinda weird; 2) I completely agree…Rookie of the Year is an excellent idea….

      • I suppose a Chris Roy award might be for the hoops player with the sharpest elbows? Just spitballin’ here…

  6. I assume team NHL is the one with no point guard…

  7. We’re in more trouble than I thought. I’m gonna have to tell Gary to play extra dirty. Maybe take a page out of that Ben Stiller movie where the big, hairy, sweaty guy plays with no shirt on. Nobody will want to defend that very close.

    • nice effort to downplay expectations, but here is what your team has: quickness and defense (you), court-vision, Rondo-like passing, and lane presence (Gary), and the unexpected and sometimes very good (Tom)…don’t forget – Tom was on the winning team last year. And its Gary hoop. You guys aren’t in trouble; you’re a lock for the final game…

  8. And we have an average age of about 47…

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