Music That Doesn’t Suck – The Cult

The Cult, June 9, 2012, Hampton Beach Casino, New Hampshire

Since I would struggle to start and write a proto music review, let’s go with washington bullets for this:

  • great show, great showmanship from The Cult, with everyone doing their part to deliver a solid rock performance
  • all the classics (with the exception of Peace Dog, but that may have personal resonance the band doesn’t feel) — Sanctuary (of course), Love Removal (last song, of course), Rain, Fire Woman, Nirvana, Love, maybe another I recognized then and forget now
  • you know how old people always wear a sweater in May or a flannel shirt in June? Ian Astbury — who channels Axl better than anyone else and is 50 years old this year — wore some kind of winter coat/vest the entire concert. Yes, its New England and the summers here are weird, but inside Hampton Beach Casino it was not a little chilly
  • maybe this reflects the lack of my affection or my weak sonic temple skills, although I admit to loving The Cult, some of their songs really kind of sound alike, at least at the start — Rain, Fire Woman, and She Sells Sanctuary….they don’t make it easy….that said, all three songs were fantastic live
  • the album Love brought me over to The Cult. I was a head-banging, ideological moron, convinced that only Page, Malmstein, and Peart knew how to play guitar (Peart played drums, because truly no one else could, but guitar was easier for him, one suspects). The last couple minutes of the song ‘Love’ on the album Love has a wild guitar part where it seems like Billy Duffy completely ignores the end of the song approaching and the singer and everything else and he simply tears through his strings. Wicked good stuff….Page-like…..
  • so Ian Astbury can’t hit those soaring wild primal high sustained notes anymore….ok…it was a little chilly
  • the opening band, Against Me!, played with the urgency of an opening band (and The Cult played with the polish of a headlining band….yeah, I know, that observation has been made 1,897,675 times or more)…great sound, intense energy, worth seeing live if you have the chance…in the next couple days I will look to download some Against Me!…absolutely worth hearing again…
  • and on that note, The Cult is worth seeing live, even after all these years….(I saw The Cult open for Billy Idol in 1987…yup, 25 years ago)

So, yes, download Nirvana, Peace Dog, Love Removal, Rain, and Love, if you don’t have them. Good stuff, worth hearing again and again….



One response to “Music That Doesn’t Suck – The Cult

  1. In 2007, Spin named Against Me’s New Wave as Album of the Year. No disagreements here. As solid a track-for-track album as anything in the five years before or after it.

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