Pic of the Day (#186)

Happy Birthday to the 2010 ELLT Overall Champ


5 responses to “Pic of the Day (#186)

  1. Happy birthday, ES!

  2. ES is currently rocking a wrist brace/cast. I am 90% sure this is a pathetically transparent effort to influence expectations, like Inigo Montoya sword fighting with his left hand,

    • references to the insufferable Princess Bride cannot be forgiven

      • These are, sad to say, fighting words. As a proper 41 year-old with a dad who worked at the New Yorker when I was growing up, my experience with (and unconditional love for) The Princess Bride came from him reading the William Goldman novel to me in chapters before bed when I was 9 years old. This is what I refer to, not the Mandy Patinkin/Christopher Guest film that came out 7 years later.

        But, as long as we’re on that subject, the movie did not suck either. It was admirably true to the original – this is to be expected when you make a movie out of a novel written by a screenwriter (Marathon Man, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, etc). Peter Falk and the Wonder Years kid look a little goofy 25 years on, and the soundtrack ages like a chicken breast left in the trunk of a hot car, but the rest of it is strong, funny, good. Andre the Giant? Billy Crystal and Carol Kane? Robin Wright doing amazing things with an impossible role? Even Cary Elwes, the actor version of Gus Frerotte, did a passable job. (While I’m thinking of analogies. . . Mark Hamill is to 1976 as Cary Elwes is to 1986. . . )

        We can continue this conversation over martinis in two months’ time.

      • I saw the movie once in its entirety, but in the company of some geeks who knew every line and recited them along with the movie or (even worse) a few seconds before the actor. Under better circumstances, I could probably be convinced the movie doesn’t suck, but I’ve never been able to walk down that road…

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